Companions Forever
Companions Forever



Beth Albus was raised in a pet friendly home.  From early on, Beth's parents instilled in her the notion that a commitment to animals is a serious matter.  Any pet was fine as long as 3 principals were followed: (1) Know your pet - research required, (2) Take care of your pet - responsibility required, and (3) Keep your commitment to your pet - it is not disposable.  During college, Beth began to volunteer her time and efforts to Animal Rescue groups.  But she noticed a disturbing trend.  Large dogs didn't seem to be getting a fair shake compared to smaller animals.  This idea grew into establishing her own Dog Rescue - Companions Forever.  All dogs and cats are eligible 'companions forever', of course, but Beth's emphasis is on large dogs.
You can contact Companions Forever at:
314-277-5050 or
P.O. Box 270033
Saint Louis, MO 63127
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